Oh, the places you'll go!

by Seleste Estrada Orrego on 2020/05/02

It's hard to put to words how insane this semester has been — to everyone, first and foremost, we hope you've all been taking these last few weeks to practice self-care and spend time with your families (and making sure to stay home). It's been a difficult time for everyone, but we hope that this little blog post may bring you a smile or two!

Being that this is our last blog post of the school year, we wanted to make a few announcements regarding exec recruitment. As some of you may know, we held recruitment for some of our departing positions, and we're all very happy to announce and welcome our new execs into the fold. Before that, however, with some of our current execs departing, we wanted to thank them for all the work they've put into helping our club these past two semesters. It was definitely a great year, even if the end wasn't what we anticipated, but it's important to remember the good parts! Among our departing execs is our current president, who has written a small piece below.

🍀 "From the end..."

With the current pandemic situation and my undergrad degree coming to a close, I've definitely had some time to reflect on my years at McGill. Being with the club for 3 years, I can't imagine my university experience without it. I've had the opportunity to meet and grow with so many great people, and for that I'm forever grateful. In addition, I've witnessed the game development industry in Montreal expand to heights I never imagined before moving here, and along with it the game development community at McGill. This year, the team worked hard to set the foundation for GDM's connection with local studios. With EA added to our list of sponsors alongside Ubisoft, and several more in the works, I'm super excited to see where the passionate team of execs take the club next year.

Thank you so much to all of our members for their engagement in the club, it's always exciting to see all of the crazy projects that come out of the club every year. I can't wait to see how this community continues to grow and expand!

–Michael Sukkarieh

🔥 "...spring new beginnings."


Vanessa here! Or just Ness :). Looking forward to working as your GDM President this year. Undergraduate-wise, I'm a 4th year Comp-Sci + Bio major. Normally, you'll find me camped out in the Factory or in 2XX courses I've somehow put off until now. Through game dev, I've dabbled in anything from UI to audio. Engines I've used include Unity, Unreal, and Ren'Py. Experimenting with new software and tech is always on my to-do list. Recommend me your favourites!

4th year may get busy, but I'm always down to chat whether about making or playing games.

MOBA's may be my biggest time-sink, but rogue-likes have a special place in my heart. Give me recommendations for those too! Just for fun, now take the first char of every sentence for a bonus message ;9.


I am a fifth year Mathematics and Computer Science double major focusing on computer games (why am I still here). I enjoy a range of fantasy games, as I always end up spending hours following the chickens in Zelda or finding another side quest to waste my life away on. On the development side, I am interested in gameplay programming and the math side of programming. As a programmer next year for the club, you'll see me around the Factory (trot 0080) for tutorials and workshops. Ask me anything about programming, math, or the necessity of chickens and other (not useless) animals in video games.


Hey, my name is Jim and I'm on my way to be a U4 Computer Engineering student. You can hit me up whenever you want to rent equipment or play Smash. I'm a big fan of Open World games (BOTW) and 4X games(Europa Universalis 4, Civ6). I'm also down for any tabletop games like Catan, Secret Hitler, etc. I'm also a programmer in Unity and Unreal, you can come up to me whenever you have questions. Cheers!


Hey I'm FIlipe, your VP External! I'm a U4 Physics and Comp. Sci. student who loves messing around in Unity and using it for my physics experiments and projects for class! I love racing games, simulators, RPG's and action adventure games; some of my favorite game series are The Witcher, Far Cry, Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed (in order mostly). If any of what I said merits conversation, show up at the factory for a chat :D. I am glad to say it is my job to increase your opportunities for internships in the gaming industry!


Hey all, I'm Brendan, one of your GDM Associate Programmers! I'm a U4 Software Engineering student and McGill fossil 👴. I really like the lower-level, core systems side of game development (engine, rendering, networking etc.) as well as other areas of software engineering (compilers, emulators etc.) I spend most of my free time working on various side projects like my NES emulator. Feel free to ask me any game development / software engineering / anything else questions during my office hours. Looking forward to this coming semester!


Hey, I'm Jack. I am a Software Eng Masters student entering my second year focusing on computer graphics. Most of my time is spent either rendering cool things or playing MMOs (my favorite being Guild Wars), the latter of which I hope to help make one day. As an associate programmer at GDM, you can always come to me with programming questions, I especially likes ones about shaders. Looking forward to helping people out and learning a few things myself along the way!


Hey, I'm Lancer, and I'm going to help out as a associate programmer this year. I'm going to enter my first year as a Master student at McGill, focusing on Computer Science and video game related topics. I love various types of video games, especially stealth-combat style, puzzle solving and RPG, like Uncharted 4 or Fire Emblem. On programming part, I like to explore some AI and gameplay technique, enjoy creating some fun and smart mechanics.


Hey, I'm Sel, your VP Communications for the second year in a row! I'm a U3 History major minoring in Sociology (specializing in deviance) and Communications, and I'm ecstatic to go onto my second year of helping this club grow. My favorite video game genre is — hands down — horror (nothing like a good spook to wake you up 👻) but I have a special place in my heart reserved for survival, indie, simulation & narrative-heavy kind of games. My favorite game to date is Fallout New Vegas, but some other memorable ones include Left 4 Dead, Dead by Daylight, Sally Face, Danganronpa, and tons more. Come catch me loitering in the Factory to talk about club stuff or just about anything.


Hey hey people, this is Yunke, and I'm going to be your VP Communications #2 this year at GDM. I'm a U3 Computer Science Major, and I'm going to help make this club more fun for our members. I love videogames and tabletop games of all sorts, namely League Of Legends and Arkham Horror, so catch me at The Factory if you want to talk about the club, or just games in general!


Hey! My name is Robin and I'll be your new VP Internal for this year. I'm a U2 Physics and Computer Science major passionate about game development. I'll be the one organizing your favourite events and making sure GameDev feels like home. I always played games, especially in COOP or Multiplayer with my brothers, but I also like horror or adventure games. If you want to talk about games, development, or life in general, you''ll find me at the Factory!


Hello~~ I'm Steven, your VP McGameJam this year! (^0^)/ I'm a U3 Computer Science, and I hope to make McGill's awesome GameJam as much of an unforgettable experience like it did for me back in 2016! >,< My main interest lies in Fantasy consoles and Game Engine Development (•¯ ∀ ¯•) I've been having my fair piece of involvement in Godot Engine's development as well as LÖVE. (ㅇㅅㅇ); Games wise my favorite game is Pokemon Silver! Otherwise, I play a lot of online competitive games, even trying out for Tempo Storm back when HOTS was still a thing... ㅠ_ㅠ. I'm often around the Factory, so if anybody wants to talk about McGameJam, game engines, Lua or just want to chill I've got instant coffee and a smile waiting for you (^o^)/


Hello! This is Ali, your VP Finance this year. I'm a U2 Computer Engineering Student, I'm into arts, electronics, computers and finances (surprise!) I enjoy video games, and I hope to get to know more about the gaming industry and making games :) In terms of gaming experience, I almost cried when I finished the Witcher 3 and BioShock Infinite and I was too scared to think about attempting some bosses in RE4. I am always available for a talk, find me at my natural habitat, the Factory. Fun Fact: I have 3 monitors and 2 servers 'cause nobody ever said "I have too many computers"

We're determined to bring you an excellent 2020-2021 year here at GameDev McGill, so hold on to your hats and get hype! From us to you, have a happy, safe summer, and see you in the fall!